Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cary Grant

My vote goes here for the single, all-around most attractive man ever.

Courtesy www.facade.com

Seems like everything about him was a part of it. The slight British accent that remained forever. His height and carriage. The face which had enough variations from the ordinary to photograph and film well in black and white. The humor that seemed to go where he went so that even in a serious role, it seemed there was more to the character than what was written.

I had a collection of his classic films in the US, but didn't move them because I didn't know you could transpose them into Pal format. Too bad. I miss them. And him.

The above photo is in youth, but look how he became old. Luck? Or a bit of help? Who cares?

Photo courtesy of www.cary-grant.com, where there is also a biography.

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KC said...

Oh Judith, I agree. Charming, dashing, always beautiful. He was beautiful even doing physical comedy. And the accent. And the voice. What a man.

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