Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Roberto Bolle

Bolle is Italy's primo ballerino, which simply means first male dancer.

Bolle is generally said by the critics to be very elegant and extraordinarily supportive of the ballerinas with whom he dances. He doesn't usually get points for acting, but it may well be that properly supporting the ballerina who is praised for her acting is good acting. His unusual height allows him to partner taller females and allows shorter females to take wilder chances, knowing that there is this big fellow waiting to catch them and that he is up to the job. I have only seen film of Bolle dancing, and acting doesn't come through film all that well.

From the film I have seen, I like him best in modern ballets. He can be shocking in them. The stripped-down costuming in modern ballet reveal better this wonderful physique, the trained structure and musculature he has developed from six hours daily training. The less he wears, the more he differs from other dancers.

This photo shows him not dancing, but looking pretty darned handsome. At 31, he is making more non-dancing appearances, because although 31 is young, in ballet it is wake-up time that another career needs to be developed.

Both the above images come from danse-photos and if you like ballet at all, I recommend you go there to see more, more, more of Bolle dancing and partnering some of the leading ballerinas of our time. It is a stunning site and sight.

Listening to Bolle talk is interesting. He has a quite pronounced lisp, and I always wonder why he hasn't trained that out of his speech. Surely the next stage of his career would be better for it? As it is, you almost need to be fluent in Italian to understand him at times.

It is reported that he likes to go to discos for relaxation, and it is also expected that he will marry one day.


deborah said...

al pacino.

Decobabe said...

Unfortunately I can't enter to the "comment" section of "Men". I
understood why Roberto Bolle is difficult to understand or maybe yes,
because of his sibilant s? People from Milan are all like this. Milan
intonation is rather boring and typically snob. He was at "Porta a
Porta" on
tv yesterday night and I think he has the most wonderful body in the
Male dancers are enormously attractive to me while the most of Italian
people think they are a bit gay looking.

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