Thursday, February 1, 2007

Paolo Bonolis

This mild-mannered, ordinary guy is one of the most successful television personalities in Italy.


I have found him quick-witted and easy on his guests. One never knows if it's a matter of good writers and a good memory or whether the person actually is witty, but anyone who has watched Italian television has at least seen him. He has over his 25 years in show business run the gamut of hosting jobs, and has also made at least one movie, "Commedia Sexi."

This photo is Bonolis at his glamorous best.


Pick one quality that would make him a star. But he is one. Last I heard he was making eight million euro a year. He was born in 1961, was married to a New York psychologist and has two children who live there. He is presently married to an Italian former-showgirl.

I find him pleasant, but fairly inexplicable. Why is he so successful? But then I ask that about Pippo Baudo, too, and Italians look at me like I have a hole in my head!


alisonk said...

No lips! Ugh.

alisonk said...

Yum. His nose barely fits into that wine glass!

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