Monday, January 22, 2007

Francesco Totti

In Italy all the starlets and letter girls date and sometimes marry soccer players. This photo, courtesy of, shows the most famous current player at work.

He plays for Roma. He is so recognizable that when he participated in a reality show which had famous people (including a past President) doing ordinary jobs, he was recognized instantly while pumping gas.

He is 4 centimeters shorter than last year's Miss Italia, but tall isn't a requirement for Italian men. He's been a pro soccer player since 1993, which seems a long career to me. He wrote a jokebook a while back, and I got the impression he might be an Italian Yogi Berra, conversationally. The proceeds were dedicated to charity and Totti is a UNICEF ambassador.

He is married to showgirl Ilary Blasi and they have one and a half children. He was caught being unfaithful shortly after the marriage, which would be a dealbreaker for a lot of gals, but Ilary has hidden depths.

While I am a World Cup only sort of calcio fan, it is impossible to live in Italy and not know who Totti is or to not recognize his face. Soccer players are part of the lares and penates of modern Italy. Here is the top one of today.


Deirdre' Straughan said...

Totti is cute, but for stunningly handsome, my vote goes to Gattuso (teddy bear!) and Cannavaro.

Delina said...

There are lots of Totti jokes about - there's even a book full. My fave is, someone said to him "carpe diem" to which he risponded "Non parlo inglese" ahahah.

sognatrice said...

It's painful to watch him speak, but he sure ain't hard on the eyes....

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