Monday, February 19, 2007

Raoul Bova

Time for some straight up male beauty taken neat.

Bova was a swimming champion who turned on a dime to acting and for once it worked. Born in 1971 at Rome, that makes him just about old enough to watch without wincing. And watch we will, because there probably isn't any male in movies today who is more beautiful than Bova. It also seems he might be a decent guy, a family man and good to work with.

He looks good in clothes, too, even rumpled clothes.

Mums, talk to your boys about swimming lessons. It seems to do a body good.


sognatrice said...

Sì, sì! Swimming certainly did more for this hottie's body than it did in the long-term for, oh, Bud Spencer ;)

Decobabe said...

Who knows what Bova will look like at that age? Look at how Brando ended up!

Ginger said...

You know he is gorgeous, but he reminded me of another actor that I just adored who is gone now Raoul Julia, not sure about his last name spelling.
Lovely choice in the guys Judith.

Decobabe said...

I liked the other Raoul, but never thought of him as handsome. My memory of him isn't that clear, though.

Anonymous said...

Raoul Bova is very beautiful. But more importantly he is a great actor. I've seen many of his Italian films and he is very good in them. (Much better than the things he had done in the US.) He just starred in and produced a film about racial and religious differences after 9-11. He is more than just a pretty face. However, I believe his face just gets better with age!

little bo peep said...

I LOVE RAOUL I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM, I would like to be the actress who took the roll of niki in Scussa ma ti chiamo amore, she's so LUCKYYY!


Judith in Umbria said...

Bova still gets my vote for prettiest boy anywhere. I do still really like very intelligent and accomplished fellows, but really, everyone wants fancy birthday cake once in a while, yes?

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