Friday, February 23, 2007

Tony Bourdain

Let's get at the chefs again. There's just something so nice about a man who can really cook.

Tony recently made news again when he took over Michael Ruhlman's blog to talk about Food TV Network. Within days that post had over 500 comments, including some from Bourdain in Patagonia. Presumably Patagonia was for his travel show.

He's a famous and accomplished chef who also write about cooking and mystery novels. That's a lot of talent in one man. It makes me wonder why he crosses his arms over his chest all the time. Are you hiding something? Or hiding from us? Talk, Tony.


sognatrice said...

Definitely agree that there's something wonderful about a man who can really cook...this probably explains why Jamie Oliver is strangely attractive to me ;) I watched his bit in Sicily yesterday, and boy was he nervous about pleasing the Siciliani!

Decobabe said...

My only problem with Jamie is that he looks like an infant! I do have a dvd of Gordon Ramsay sooking Sunday lunch, but he uses no foul language, so it seems like a cleaned up clone.

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